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About Aircode™

The Aircode line of products generate a rich balance between positive and negative ions - providing an even and energizing environment that is beneficial and comfortable to all.

How does the technology work?

Aircode UK Ltd's Aircode™ products supply the indoor air with negative and positive ions through cold plasma reduction. The ions attract positively charged particles in the air and cause the particles to bond to nearby objects. The airborne particles clump together and then fall to the surface with the help of their own weight. They are then bonded by static electricity and will be easily be removed by normal cleaning. This method can be used to clean all types of particulate matter from the air. The Aircode process reduces the pollutants in the air and prevents them from being inhaled.

When the ions are neutralized, the molecules that hold the particle together are separated and the original coalescence is lost. This means that odors and bacteria literally "disappear" from the air.. By adjusting the introduction of positive ions, varying levels of particulate matter and airborne organic compounds can be controlled. If positive ions were not added, particles would adhere to objects or people or remain airborne and be inhaled.

A lot of positive ions are formed in our immediate proximity during the heating or air conditioning process as well as around computers and other electrical equipment. Synthetic materials in curtains and clothing attract negative ions. When these phenomenon are combined, air quality is compromised by an imbalance between negative and positive ions.

Particle reduction made real:
  • Elimination up to 99% of airborne particles in paper processing and manufacturing plants.
  • Elimination up to 90% of smoke and airborne oil mists in metals manufacturing plants.
  • Elimination up to 99% of airborne solvents in plastics manufacturing plants.
  • Elimination up to 99% of benzene and toluene in print press facilities.
  • Elimination up to 99.9% of mould spores, odors and bacteria from food handling and processing environments.

Air that is beneficial to us contains an even and rich balance between positive and negative ions. To achieve that beneficial balance Aircode™ uses a bipolar ionization technique which, in addition to cleansing the air also balances the air so that there are no static charges.