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Solutions for all industries and problems

The products under the brand Aircode™ are available for all types of applications from the smallest bedroom to the largest industrial ventilation systems.

We can supply free-standing decontamination units for smoke and mould clearance. We also sell special units for waste disposal areas. We also have industrial units for retro-fit in industrial. On the "business" side - in commercial buildings, manufacturing companies, auto-body shops, schools, day care centers, and restaurants - our line of products is ideally suited for solving air quality and regulatory compliance issues that may be related to:

  • Static electricity
  • Air- and waterborn bacteria
  • Smoke
  • Algae
  • Dust particles
  • Allergens
  • Moisture
  • Viruses

Exhaust air systems of all types can be fully retro-fitted to eliminate odors, "foreign" gases and particulate matter and are fully tailored to meet a broad range of customer requirements.

We imitate nature's own way of purifying air. Our products control the ion concentration - without chemicals or additives - resulting in clean, healthy air with no airborne particles or nano-particles.

Free-standing products

Free-standing consumer products require only an electrical socket and are ideally suited for use in homes, trailers, locker rooms, and more. View our products

Installations in industry

Our industrial installations are always adapted to the special requirements of each customer. In most cases we purify the indoor environment to remove pollutants and the result is that the exhaust air also becomes clean. When we install new or retrofit units in large industrial settings, we provide a full "AS-IS" and "TO-BE" project plan, measuring and quantifying the atmospheric make-up in a facility before and after installation. View our products